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Sr Manufacturing Engineer- Molding Process

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Direct Hire
Mar 31, 2016
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Sr Manufacturing Engineer- Molding Process
This is a very unique opportunity for the right person to join our Continuous Improvement team. This individual will work with the molding engineering team and take our molding operations to the next level of excellence.
We seek a goal-focused individual who has expertise with various polymers processing, mold design, mold maintenance, procedure development, automation, and associated analytics to improve molding processes. This person will be proactive in problem solving and has the leadership and communication skills needed to help our business achieve its goals.
Position Responsibilities
The Molding Process Engineer is responsible for the implementation of fully qualified and documented production processes. This includes; transitioning new tooling programs from R&D into manufacturing, performing new mold and process improvement mold trials, troubleshooting production processes and auditing of production setups for adherence to the documented process, and identifying automation and productivity improvement opportunities
Position Description
•             As part of the Continuous Improvement team based in a brand new industrial plant environment, lead and deliver the technical deliverables that are necessary in the optimization of process technology related to new and existing polymer products.
•             Develop new processes and improving existing processes to provide growth to the overall business.
•             Working within an interdisciplinary team to define new opportunities and to find cost effective process solutions for new and existing products.
•             Work with manufacturing operations to identify opportunities for productivity, quality and throughput improvements, then developing and implementing process technology to achieve those goals.
•             Interface with manufacturing, quality, and commercial teams to provide technical leadership in the design and commercialization of new processes.
•             Plan and manage projects to develop and advance new process technology through commercial implementation, using modeling and statistically-based tools to establish product and process capability.
•             Use statistical design of experiments to deliver Lean Six Sigma performance.
Specific Position Requirements
•             A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (B.S.) in Polymer or Macromolecular Engineering is required.
•             7+ years’ experience in a mid-high volume production molding environment, preferably supporting the medical device industry.
•             Demonstrated ability and experience to solve relevant technical problems with appropriate use of statistical analysis tools, mold flow analysis, process simulation, and Design of Experiments.
•             Knowledge of in-mold pressure transducers and their application.
•             Experience working with Auxiliary Equipment:  Chillers, Robotics, Thermolator, Dryers, and Additive Blenders.
•             Experience with sizing equipment to meet appropriate job application.
•             Miniature and/or Micro Molding experience would be a plus.
•             Excellent technical, written and verbal communication skills; able to deliver technical messages effectively to non-technical stakeholders and team members.
•             Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills; demonstrated ability to effectively work with individuals at all levels of the organization and across functional disciplines (e.g. business leaders, technicians, engineers, and manufacturing teams).
•             Proven ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects and deliver on their objectives
•             Develops PFMEA’s and other relevant information accompanying new tooling.
•             Creates, assists, and monitors the development of preventive maintenance procedures for    equipment and tooling.
•             Drives appropriate level of automation
•             Records and maintains mold and process setup sheets.
•             Assists in trouble shooting production processes.
•             Assists in training of new process technicians and mold setup personnel.
•             Identifies key process parameters for process monitoring and control.
•             Establishes process optimization parameters for the injection mold process. (E.g. pressure, velocity, value and time of packing pressure, etc.)
•             Audits production processes for adherence to established setup.
•             Drives MRB investigations of reject product and the development of corrective actions through the use of root cause analysis techniques.
•             Drives predictive budgeting requirements based on equipment and tooling; age, usage, materials, capacity, etc.
•          Assignments to include:
•             Analysis of commercial data to identify strategies for reducing material usages.
•             Evaluation of equipment options, materials performance, and process capability using process simulation tools.
•             Develop cost effective options for improving performance and molding processes.
•             Development of predictive maintenance program to reduce unscheduled repairs and downtime.
•             Familiarity with processing the following materials is required; PEEK, ABS, Polycarbonate, and Bioresorbable/Bioabsorbable materials.